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Our company’s prime  mission is to offer products that provide value for money and which are easily accessible to people all around the globe and to manufacture  products that provide value to the customers.


Harveys India aims to provide a finer quality of products and flavours to the customers.Harveys India over the years has flourished to new heights by adapting to a changing environment, and by continuing to expand its own unique core products and market niches. Harveys is a manufacturer, marketer, and distributor of an expanding variety of nutritional, popularly priced snack foods and beverages for the food service and retail supermarket industries.


Harveys was established in the year 1990, with the aim to provide the best quality of products to the people. For Harveys, the people have always been their top priority and to make superior quality products. The products range from wafers to food essence to food colours and basil seed drink! Harveys has grown to provide customers the luxurious experience of all its products!


Abhishek Khurana, a young passionate person whose motto has always been  "Discover, salvage, and build." Abhishek left his father’s  business in 2011 to chase his childhood dream , dream of making his own brand . During his early years , he used to go grocery shopping with his mother because new products and their colorful packaging always made his day.  So from a very young age he knew that he would create a brand of his own.

For Abhishek , Harveys  is not just a product but an emotion . Harveys is his first baby as he has nurtured it with so much of love and dedication, making his dream come to reality. 

Harveys is a manufacturer and exporter of snack foods, beverages, and frozen specialties. Headquartered in New Delhi, the company is one of the largest producers of wafers in India.

Harveys manufacturers a variety of snack foods and drinks, as well as sells frozen vegetables in India and middle east countries. The company markets to the food service industry and retail supermarket customers.

In 2012 ,Abhishek had distributors across India and the Middle east. To expand the business, he constantly looked for opportunities. He constantly upgraded his technology with the latest machinery and processes. He created a brand which was not only reasonably  priced but had a very high-quality of ingredients and packaging. Harveys eventually expanded to cities across India--in coffee shops, bowling alleys, movie theatres and many more.


  • Wafer Biscuits

Harveys is known for its delicious, mouth watering & creamy wafer offering. It comes in a variety of flavours such as, strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, orange & hazelnut, to delight everyone’s day. It is the smartest choice for families, especially for mothers and their children as a mid–day light snack or as a lunch box meal. You will find Harveys Wafers as a combination of crunchiest bite with delicious smooth cream. Our product is made from the finest ingredients and packed in environmentally friendly packaging.

  • Wafer Cube

Your favourite wafers are also available in a different form and packaging to make sure you never miss your favourite wafers! They are travel friendly and can be had anywhere and anytime!

  • Flavouring Essence

Flavouring is an intense process with  preparations that  are added to food in order to impart taste or smell. Our food essence is made with some great ingredients which would augment the taste and the flavour of the food to give you and your taste buds a delightful experience. It comes in varied flavours such as orange, strawberry, coconut, banana etc. It is prescribed to use the food essence in small quantities and it is not intended to be consumed alone. 

  • Harveys Food Colour

Experts have long known that color plays an important role in the taste & perception of food. Alongside the  flavour and texture, color is considered by food scientists to be a major quality factor of food. Our food colour makes the food so appealing and ready to eat to the eyes and is available in 4 diversified colours such as yellow, blue, orange & red! Get ready to please your eyes with our Food Colour!

  • Basil Seed Drink 

The most refreshing,healthy and energetic drink on the shelf is our Fruitoria! Our ready to drink basil seed drink is made with basil seeds which are beneficial for the entire body! Anybody can consume this and get refreshed instantly! Be it an athlete, or a traveller for anybody wanting to get energised after a tiring day! Available in 10 flavours.